BDS Fails

In this section we will log the failed attempts of BDS thugs to coerce artists into boycotting Israel. We hear them boasting about the same handful of artists they have convinced to boycott Israel, but what of the thousands of artists that defy their antisemitic threats to play Israel?

August 2015


BDS thugs bullied a Spanish music festival, Rototom Sunsplash, into cancelling Matisyahu. The organisers said “due to the boycott and the campaign of pressure, coercion and threats employed by the BDS” they’d asked Matisyahu to condemn Israel and when he chose not to pick a side the festival cancelled him. Matisyahu was targeted because he was Jewish, not Israeli. After international pressure and condemnation from the Spanish government the festival did a u-turn and invited him back. This was the ultimate BDS fail as it not only backfired but also exposed their threatening tactics.



After we heard the BDS thugs were targeting alt-J in an attempt to force them to cancel their Israel gigs, we launched a Facebook campaign attracting 400 signatures, asking alt-J to ignore the bigots and to play in Israel… alt-J sided with justice, ignoring the bigoted boycott and played two sell out gigs in Israel.


Mariah Carey

Despite pressure from BDS thugs calling for Mariah to cancel her gig she defiantly played in Israel and declared “I’ve always wanted to come here. I don’t care what other people’s political agendas are. I’m just an entertainer and I’m here. I’m happy to be here and I’m honoured to be here,”