Was the Zionist movement a plot to colonise the Middle East?

the Jews contemplate as their final aim not only the seizure of all Palestine but the land south of it as far as Medina. Eastward also they hope some day to extend to the Persian Gulf.

– King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia

Overview of the truth

Since its beginning the Zionist movement has been accused of attempting to colonise the Middle East. This idea now serves as the conventional wisdom in most Islamic nations. However the foundations that this conspiracy rests are fantastically bizarre and utterly ridiculous.

  • Israel is conquering Middle Eastern territory to create Greater Israel
  • Israel’s borders are continuously expanding
  • Israel is a colonial settler state

Israel is conquering Middle Eastern territory to create Greater Israel

In Israel today there is a tiny number of individuals that want to re-establish the borders of biblical Israel. These individuals find themselves on the fringe of Israeli society, isolated and ridiculed for their preposterous political stance. However, many of Israel detractors have attempted to present this nutty position as the official policy of the Israeli government.

The Israeli flag is actually a map of Israel’s expansionist ambitions

Do you know what the meaning of the Israeli flag is? …. It is white with two blue lines. The two lines represent two rivers, and in between is Israel. The rivers are the Nile and the Euphrates.

– Yasser Arafat 1

Conspiracy theorists often find support for their ideas in the most unlikely of places. Rather than focusing on Israel’s actions (it has continuously given away land), Yasser Arafat and many of Israel’s detractors have found proof for Israel’s expansionist aspirations in its flag.

They claim the flag alludes to a prophecy found in Genesis 15:18 that modern Zionists are trying to fulfill, “The Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying unto thy seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the River Euphrates”.


A simple look into the flag’s history instantly debunks this myth. The earliest version of the flag was made in 1885 for the Israeli village of Rishon LeZion. The designers based it on a Jewish prayer shawl (which have blue or black stripes running along the edges), they then placed a star of david in the middle with the word Zion.


This idea was simplified in 1897 by Morris Harris and it was this version which was accepted as the official Zionist flag at the Second Zionist Congress in 1898. The State of Israel later adopted the design as its official flag upon declaring independence in 1948. It’s design had absolutely nothing to do with any rivers and its origins as the flag of a small village were incredibly humble.


The Israeli coin that revealed the Zionist map

On 25 May 1990, the United Nations Security Council moved its representatives and staff from its base in America all the way to Geneva, Switzerland, so that Yasir Arafat (who had been denied entry the US) could address the Council. He chose this momentous occasion to prove without doubt that the Israeli government sought to expand far beyond its present borders.

“Please allow me to show you this document … this document is a ‘map of Greater Israel’ which is inscribed on this Israeli coin, the 10-agora piece.”

– Yasser Arafat

As if scripted by Hollywood’s finest comedy writers, Arafat was using 10 cent coin to persuade the international community of a callous Jewish conspiracy. He went on to explain that on the coin Israel’s borders were “all of Palestine, all of Lebanon, all of Jordan, half of Syria, two-thirds of Iraq, one-third of Saudi Arabia as far as holy Medina, and half of Sinai.”

Arafat’s imaginative claim was based on a research paper by Dr. Gwyn Rowley of the University of Sheffield, England. In this paper Rowley made the same perpetuous claim and included a diagram of the Middle East with a superimposed outline reaching from the Sinai peninsula to the Iraq-Iran border. According to the legend accompanying the map, it provides “The areal dimensions of Israel according to the current (1989) Israeli 10 Agorot coin”. Unfortunately the bumbling academic hadn’t been very thorough in his research and transpired that the coin is actually a replica of one issued by Mattathias Antigonus two thousand years ago and the “map” depicted on the coin was in reality the outline of the original.



A Jewish conspiracy to take over the world

The conspiracy theorists did not stop at Greater Israel, Ali Baqeri the deputy to Iran’s chief negotiator declared:

The ultimate goal of the Jews … after conquering the globe … is to extract from the hands of the Lord many stars and galaxies

– Ali Baqeri

He made this outlandish claim after a detailed study of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most notorious and most successful works of modern anti-Semitism. The Protocols purports to be the confidential minutes of a sinister Jewish cabal that met in the nineteenth century to discuss their plan to enslave the world. It has been debunked and discredited as a forgery, this has not stopped many Muslim states from adopting it.

A 1985 Iranian reprint of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion developed the theme of Greater Israel and included a map, the “Dream of Zionism,” which purports to show Greater Israel’s ideal boundaries. Within its map of Israel were Egypt, Saudi Arabia down to Medina, all of Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait, the oil-producing region of Iran, and a good-sized slice of Turkey. The border is drawn in the shape of a snake; and the scales are represented by a Freemason’s Eye drawn repeatedly along the snake’s back.


Israel’s borders are continuously expanding

There are maps which circulate in anti-Israel circles that depict Israel’s borders as continuously expanding. This is a false picture, the truth is Israel has rescinded 94% of the territory it has conquered in battle (including all of the land as far south as the “river of Egypt”). There has been no drive to conquer land for a “Greater Israel” and Israel has continuously traded land with its enemies in return for peace.


Even within the region of British Mandatory Palestine, Israel has continued to trade land for peace. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to withdraw from 95 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of the Gaza Strip during peace talks, while, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his successors offered to withdraw from virtually all of the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria.

In August 2005, all Israeli troops and civilians were evacuated from the Gaza Strip and the territory was turned over to the control of the Palestinian Authority. In addition, four communities in Northern Samaria that covered an area larger than the entire Gaza Strip were also evacuated as part of the disengagement plan. As a result, Israel has now withdrawn from approximately 94 percent of the territory it captured in 1967.

Israel is a colonial settler state

Israel was created by a settler-colonial movement of Jewish immigrants

– amal jamal

Colonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition, and expansion of colony in one territory by a political power from another territory. If Israel were a colonial state, then of whom is it a colony? In truth Zionism is a national liberation movement that developed in eastern and central Europe, in conjunction with other national liberation movements in these regions. Western support for right to self-determination empowered many of the indigenous peoples of the Middle East to strive for statehood after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Middle Eastern and European Jews were no different and they sought to restore their ancestral homeland in Israel (just as the neighbouring Muslims sought a state in Egypt).

The Zionists were not foreigners or conquerors, but rather they looked to repatriate the original inhabitants of the land to Israel. In Israel there were no New Vilna, New Bialystock, New Warsaw, New England, New York, instead the ancient names of the locations. The national language wasn’t a foreign import (but the resurrection of the land’s ancient tongue), the political apparatus was not subordinate to a foreign territory. Casting Zionists as colonizers serves to present them as occupiers in a land to which, by definition, they do not belong.


There is absolutely no basis to suggest that Israel is attempting to conquer Middle Eastern territory, either to replot the a state along its biblical boundaries or to create an entirely new border. In reality Israel has given away 94% of the land it has conquered in defensive wars. The diametric opposite of what suggest conspiracy theorists suggest.

Israel is also not a colonial enterprise, it is colony or vassal to Britain or America. It is an entirely independent state with total autonomy and distinct political structures. Rather the establishment of Israel gave one of the oldest communities in the Middle East the right to self-determination.

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